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Propane Services

We specialize in providing top-quality propane solutions for both residential and recreational needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering reliable propane directly to you for your convenience. Our propane is sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring its quality and reliability. With our competitive pricing and flexible delivery options, you can count on us to keep your propane supply uninterrupted. Whether you're connecting a propane tank to your grill, RV, or generator, we ensure seamless delivery and secure hookup. 

20 gal tank.jpg

$28.00 / $70.00 

Hookup Service Included

20 lb Cylinder

Capacity (gallons): 4.7

Weight (empty): 18 lbs.

Weight (full): 38 lbs

Overall Height:18"


BTU Capacity: 430,270

  • 20 lb propane tanks are the most popular size cylinder for gas grills

  • Used for smaller RV's and travel trailers

$32.00 / $80.00

Hookup Service Included

30 lb. Cylinder

Capacity (gallons): 7.1

Weight (empty): 24 lbs.

Weight (full): 54 lbs

Overall Height: 24"


BTU Capacity: 649,980

  • 30 lb propane tanks are used in grilling and outdoor fryers

  • Most commonly found on RV's

$99.00 / $248.00 

Hookup Service Included

100 lb Cylinder

Capacity (gallons): 23.6

Weight (empty): 68 lbs.

Weight (full): 170 lbs

Overall Height: 48"

Diameter: 14.5"

BTU Capacity: 2,160,509

  • 100 lb. propane tanks are generally used for long term RV appliances & on-demand heat

  • Commonly used in mobile kitchens

Our Options
Refill / New

Where do we deliver?


We have a centralized location in Northeast Pennsylvania and are  expanding to more locations. 

  • Rosemount Camping Resort

  • Locust Lake

  • Lakewood Park Campground

  • Tuscarora State Park

  • Red Ridge Lake

  • Ideal Park Campground

  • Indian Head Campground

  • StonyBrook RV Resort

  • Laurel Lake

  • RoundStone

  • Moyers Grove

  • J&D Campground

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